The Shop With The Golden Gun

You know how the Japanese and Americans get loads of cool gaming stuff that we don’t, of course you do, it sucks big time. Well the previously thought USA exclusive Gears of War 2 pre-order Lancer replica is hitting the UK very soon but with a pretty noticable difference.

Yes, it’s gold.

The full scale gold replica Lancer is exclusive to Gamestation when you pre order your GOW 2 and chuck a fair bit of cash on top for good measure. Not to be confused with the in-game gold plated lancer this one is for realz. Complete with sound effects and vibrations and weighing in at a hefty 5 kilos. Apparently the original lancer looks too much like, well, a gun for UK officials liking and had to be toned down (or should that be toned up) y’know, just in case someone tried to commit an armed robbery with one, or scare some tree huggers with those mighty scary plastic chainsaw teeth.






7 responses to “The Shop With The Golden Gun”

  1. Tony avatar

    Oh my god. I voiced my displeasure over the non-gold version, as I thought it’d make you look insane if you had it on display.

    This one, with all that gold, will instead make you look like an insane version of Mr T.


  2. Ben avatar

    My heart says yes…but my wallet says no. £70 for the Halo 3 legendary edition was pushing it, £130? Sorry, but can’t warrant that, especially when I could easily get a DS / PSP for that price…and isn’t the Arcade SKU £129.99?

    Still….would love to have one though.

  3.  avatar

    I have seen a thing like this before ! ha

    check out the video thou funny and hand if you do get the gun !

  4. CrunchbiteJr (John) avatar
    CrunchbiteJr (John)

    Heh, would love to see a robbery involving one.

  5. Lorna avatar

    How crappy looking. Trust our stupid country to think it will actually be used in a hold up…’let’s Donald Trump it instead’ *rolls eyes* The US version looks much better.

  6. Emily avatar

    Looks crap. A friend of mine from uni spent months making a Gears of War outfit and a Gears’ gun (out of cardboard), and it looked about a hundred times better than that.

  7. Michael avatar

    Yeah, your friend…

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