Imagine Fashion Model (Juniors)

If there’s one thing girls love it’s fashion, Imagine Fashion Model allows them to design funky outfits in all sorts of colours and patterns and put them on display. Players can also manage photo shoots, models appearance and even arrange their holiday schedules. With actual industry commentary and advice and interactive professionals such as journalists and catwalk models Imagine Fashion model is more than a game, it’s an insight into the busy and exciting world of fashion.

Name: Lesha

Age: 9

What did you like about Imagine Fashion Model?

Lesha:  I liked it cause it was so girly. I liked the makeovers and the catwalks. I loved every bit of it actually!

Did you have a favourite character?

Lesha: Not really but the fashion models were all pretty.

What was the best bit about the game?

Lesha: Designing the clothes was really good, I’d like to wear them if I could.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Lesha: There was no bad bits

How much fun was this game?

Lesha: Lots and lots of fun!

Parent’s Comments: I loved Fashion Model too! Applying the make up felt pretty realistic and blowing into the mic to dry the nail varnish was a nice touch. The music was really good, well suited to the game. The only problem we had was on the catwalk it didnt really explain what you had to do so we were stuck for a while. But other than that it was fantastic!







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  1. Kirsten avatar

    I quite fancy this one. Not all the Imagine games are of the same quality but this one seems like it might be quite fun. I’ll give it a shot after I’ve spent some time with My Secret World.

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