Gaming gave me skills

Ever wondered how fast you can type on the keyboard? Well I’ve done the finding for you so test yourself here.

How did you do? I hope you didn’t restart that test over and over to better your result! Hehe. According to Wiki the rough average is 33 wpm (words per minute). Here’s where I brag about my result (Yeah take a GOOD look at the picture on the right). Whoop Whoop! *dances*

Now what you’ve got to bear in mind is that anyone can come above average, I’m sure some of you out there can pull up some prodigy typing above my 71 wpm. This all comes down to learning the ways of touch-typing and my thanks goes to “Typing of the Dead”. A brilliant mock up version of “House of the Dead” where character keys are the alternate ammunition to bullets. Sticks and stones may break their bones but these words are gonna hurt the hell out of these zombies!

I used to play this game endlessly and boy did this game truly get me typing until my fingers caught fire! As well as the serious intent of a gamer to complete it, it served its purpose well with its underlining touch type training. There’s also an actual tutorial for touch-typing included in the game. Thus with this title I came to know why the F and J keys of a qwerty board have a small bump embedded in them. As for those who love to “hunt and peck”, a term used for people who type with just their first fingers this is going to convert you!

So who says gaming doesn’t get you anywhere? Gaming teaches me things now and then, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, Battlefield and Call of Duty have familiarised me with various weapons. Love for the M79 w00t! God of War made me revise a bit of my junior school education of Roman/Greek history. Eternal Sonata taught me a bit about the talented Chopin and the background story to his music pieces.

So here I’m passing on my knowledge. You fancy learning a new skill? Something to add to the office CV? Check out “Typing of The Dead”, what better way than to learn through play!












11 responses to “Gaming gave me skills”

  1. CrunchbiteJr (John) avatar
    CrunchbiteJr (John)

    71 wpm!

    And Typing of the Dead! God I loved that game 😀

  2. arc14716 avatar

    71 wpm too.

  3. Emily avatar

    81 wpm 😀
    I’ve saved a screenshot incase no-one believes me!

    Games certainly do teach you things, I think the game I learned the most from is Age of Empires, partly from playing the campaigns but also because the virtual instruction manual is full of information on all the civilizations.

  4. Scott avatar

    I was earning between 70-85 WPN depending on the sentence I was being given in that test. In the real world, I probably don’t really get that anymore. There was a time when I was faster than this.

    The problem for me is that I never learned to touch-type the traditional way either; I was self-taught because my best-friend was taking classes and I needed to keep up over IM!

    Another issue is that I’m constantly switching between full-size, laptop, netbook and Apple keyboards, which all have slightly different spacings and positioning of certain keys, such as “;” and “~”.

  5. Van-Fu avatar

    71 wpm? 81 wpm? I won’t mention my feeble 41 wpm.

  6. Laura avatar

    I got 43 but typing fast makes you look geeky anyway 🙂

  7. Tony avatar

    I got 68 when I tried it. Only tried it once so don’t know if I could consistently achieve that.

    I tend to type fast but I definitely don’t type the “correct” way, my hands are all over the keyboard, not rooted to the home location.

  8. theBlackHalo avatar

    Counter-Strike taught me that if i whipped out my knife i can run faster.

    Oh and bunny hopping around in Notts helps me dodge the bullets. recommended.

  9. Uzi avatar

    Average about 75 wpm.

    I wonder if those can type are more inclined to become web-surfers and PC gamers?

  10. Donna avatar

    The only problem with that test is that it doesn’t take into account accuracy. I did a respectable 57 wpm, but that’s because I corrected any errors that I made as I went along. If I didn’t correct my errors I got a much higher score.

  11. mraz avatar

    I got 76 wpm and I corrected my mistakes.

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