The Joys of Moving House

Regardless of finishing a college course, starting a new job, and a number of irritating distractions, a man can get no peace. I’ve had to already move myself thanks to work commitments and now die familie have decided to move closer to my dad’s workplace.

This isn’t the first time we’ve moved. The first time was two years ago and I lost my internet access due to us moving literally to the middle of nowhere. I don’t want to get internet in my bedsit because I’m only there every second week, and that to me is a waste of money. Especially when I can go halves with my father. Back then, I climbed up the walls looking for some sort of access in the area so I could download The Shivering Isles expansion for the Xbox version of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was woeful.

Without the LIVE connection, the Xbox seems sort of futile to me. I took up playing games on my Playstation 2 again. Not that I’m using the Playstation 2 as a negative – I loved the PS2 and had fun nights on Street Fighter 2. It’s just that the Xbox just feels bare and lifeless without that connectivity to the wired world.

Luckily for me, the folks are moving closer to civilisation so this time the promise of broadband is guaranteed. I don’t have to miss out on those downloads I wanted so badly when when we had to wait a whole year for the internet.

Won’t be online from home for a few weeks mind you. Madness begins.







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  1. City avatar

    I hope all the moving goes well, I had to move 6 times within the space of year at one point so I understand the pains of no internet, and worse, internet with restrictions, so you get all the shiney but none of the actual functions you want!

    I was wondering how Xbox would feel without the internet, as currently I want an Xbox, but our router is the most tempremental thing on the planet and I think it would be too much hassle to sort out!

    But a whole year without the net?

  2. Shaz avatar

    Oh noooo, we can’t live without interwebs!

  3. Michael avatar

    It is definitely weird not having Live – I’ve found myself looking for quality single player and split-screen modes (which are few and far between, to be honest) and resorting to going last gen… that’s how I’ve ended up dusting off my PS2 for Final Fantasy X. And that is ancient as games go!

  4. El avatar

    I’m moving again next week, it’s so much hard work but also nice to get a clean start and discover a new place. I’ll be netless for about 10 days assuming BT haven’t been lying to me and all goes according to current plans. I will be thinking of you come Friday when my tempory netless new life begins 🙂

  5. Tim avatar

    Who am I supposed to play Mercs 2 with now?

    Damn you!

  6. Lorna avatar

    I find it tough to imagine not being connected to Live now. We will most likely be moving soon, so will have the joys of duelling with BT to try and get broadband sorted. Will be very odd indeed not being connected again…

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