Peter Molyneux – Lucky or a deity of gaming?

With the arrival of the Fable 2 pub games arcade game on the Xbox 360, I’m sure everyone’s excitement for Fable 2 is once again building. However, after so many delays (through various contacts I knew most of the amazing surprises that Peter Molyneux had in store for us a very long time ago) you have to wonder how the Lionhead team have managed to keep us interested for so very long.

We’ve all heard the stories of various glitches that have caused havoc. Peter Molyneux has even told us about half of them in his frequent Xbox live video blogs. We’ve all sat patiently thinking, ‘only two more months,’ only to have the release date moved by 6 months as soon as it gets close. Spreading rumours around the internet that this game may NEVER come to fruition. However, through all the waiting and the frustration, Peter Molyneux, the face we all recognise as one of gaming genius incarnate, has been there telling us what is going on and I think this is the key to keeping patient. Knowing that things are being done and that it is only the search for perfection that keeps this wonderful looking game from appearing in our local game stores.

My main criticism when I played the original Fable was one mirrored by many fans of the game, it’s length. Back in the days of the original Xbox, good games were few and far between so you expected them to last. As much as I stand by my earlier blog of it’s not the games length that matters. I really hope after the long arduous wait that we get a longer game. We already know it looks wonderful. We already know it will be everything Fable was plus so much more. Due to everything being taken to unseen depths, to please the man himself, we already know it will satisfy casual gamers and hardened pros alike. With it’s simple yet detailed fighting system, the only blank is how long will this game last and will it somehow manage to balance the achievements to satisfy everyone.

I find one of the challenges that developers must face is deciding what achievements deserve to be put in. No one wants to fight until 3 in the morning for a mere 5 points but very few gamers are satisfied with basically being given the 1000 points for nothing! So will the Lionhead team succeed in creating achievements that will encourage the player to explore all there is to offer? I can only hope and now with the knowledge that it is finally coming, go and earn some more cash on Fable 2 Pub Games!







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  1. Kirsten avatar

    Peter Molyneux is on my facebook. This means he is like my best friend… despite looking like a vampire.

  2. Michael avatar

    Now you mention it, he really does… one that is about to be handcuffed.

    The thing I didn’t like about the first game was how, once the story ended, you could go about the world but there was practically nothing to do… it was almost GTA-esque. And I know there was The Lost Chapters… but that suggested the game was originally unfinished when it was released and still had that aspect I mentioned.

  3. James avatar

    I finished Fable up pretty quickly. Thank god I only bought it for a fiver.

    I gotta admit one thing though. Maybe Peter Molyneux should just stop yapping away when PR’ing one of his games and promising stuff that never appears.

  4. Skill avatar

    Pete’s great!!
    We need his yapping to the press and dreaming waaay bigger than he can deliver. That’s what drives the games forward. He shoots for the moon and falls to the stars!

    Remember, the alternative is someone who says, “Yeah, well. We took what we did last year; Gave it a minor graphical update. Some of the guys wanted to maybe add a little content, but I’m not convinced.”

  5. Ben avatar

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks sort of like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons?

    We need more “characters” in the gaming world, more Molyneux, Cliffy B etc in my opinion, makes it less dull and boring.

  6. CrunchbiteJr (John) avatar
    CrunchbiteJr (John)

    Molyneux is one of these guys people yearn for but then bitch at. He openly talks about plans for the game, the ultimate vision, things he can’t promise because he’s not held by PR who have a fit when devs say things they won’t deliver on.

    He’s still the idealist, the man who’s enthusiasm is infectious and who we all live in hope that one day he’ll deliver.

  7. Lorna avatar

    I’m in agreement, we need more like him. Someone whose entusiasm and passion may cause their tongue to trip them sometimes, but without them, the gaming world would have a little less colour. I haven’t payed the first Fable, so I have no yardstick but it would be a collossal shame if it ended too soon, or worse, ended quick with zero to do in the aftermath of the main quest.

  8. Emily avatar

    Unfortunately not everyone is in the position (financially/size-wise) to attempt ideas that aren’t ‘safe’ or the norm. (Like what SKill says). Games are a business. A publishers aim is to stick something on a shelf that will sell lots. Generic, repetative ideas are the safest way for a studio to go, so it’s great that there are people with the means to make something aiming to be different and amazing.

  9. Michael avatar

    I couldn’t agree more about the need for personalities, not just with the power to make something outside the norm (which many of those individuals do), but also to be a focus for consumers. Unfortunately, I think that is something that is, hmm, dying out precisely because of the scale of the industry now – games, the highest profile ones, cost a hell of a lot to make and need a lot of people to work on them. One person being singled out for hype, a link to progress etc, is not so common as it was.

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