Apparently I wasn’t prepared for Blizzard’s first expansion for its mega popular World of Warcraft, and now I sit here eating a cheese sandwich patiently waiting for the second, and with it the return of the king. The Lich King that is, there’s no Hobbits here, although we do have quite a considerable amount of Gnomes, not sure which is the worse, let me know!

Anyway I could argue my dislike for Hobbits or Gnomes all day, but I digress, back to the matter at hand and I’ll sum it up in one sentence. I really can’t remember the last time I was so excited about an expansion pack. That’s right, not a game, an expansion pack. Is this how fans of the Sims feel four times a year?

Of course the expansion is set to arrive and deliver more zones, spells, skills, talents, monsters, quests, lore, mounts, focus on world PvP again, a level cap increase, achievement system, end game bosses more accessible – it’s not hard to see why many (if not all) WoW players are getting excited.

Oh, did I mention it’s also getting a bit of a graphical update too? It’ll still run on a basic PC, but with now improved textures, affects, lighting and not to mention dynamic shadows and a greatly increased draw distance, the World of Warcraft is becoming a more beautiful place to adventure in.

Check out those flames...lovely stuff!

It’s getting close now, I can sense it. My virtual entities can feel the change brewing in the wind, forgotten lands lay in conflict, powerful enemies wait to be slain, soon we sail north!

Another month has gone by and we’re now into September and if the release date of somewhere in November is to be believed, that means a new chapter in my WoW adventure could be well under way in approximately eight weeks time. It’s getting close, very close!

Hello, my name’s Ben, and I’m a wow-aholic!

Note: If you haven’t seen the cinematic that was recently released then go take a look at it, you won’t be disappointed!