Arcadian Warriors

Arcadian Warriors to me was a breath of fresh air as it made me remember the games of yore. It is essentially an action RPG with a very simplistic story line and control setup yet a lot of the features from the full games carry across giving you a nice level of customisation. It is in essence a very old skool style RPG with hidden rooms, various coloured keys to collect and the aim being to make your way to the bottom of numerous dungeons in order to fight various end of dungeon bosses. Trust me, after this long I found it refreshing to attempt to go through a door only to be told “you need the blue key”!

As the game starts you get to choose between a warrior, a mage and an archer. The nice touch here is that you can have a game running separately with all three characters so if you discover you made a horrible mistake all is not lost and you can always return to your semi-built-up character once you have the hang of the game.

You are a powerful servant of Artemis, with the sole purpose of protecting the  people of Arkadia which eventually involves destroying the almighty Gorgon that has kept everyone shaking in their homes. To enable you to do this you can transform your character into a mythological beast with immense power for short periods of time during combat. You also collect weaponry and armour as you battle you way through the many varied dungeons and potion for willpower, health and morphing ability. These are in no short supply so even those not accustomed to scouring a room for items will end up with a full inventory very quickly (good job there’s a handy shop where you can make a nice living selling all this stuff – I guess weaponry is in high demand this season!).

The missions, whilst varied in skill level and monsters, could get repetitive if you weren’t around the first time this style of game was around. But a dingy dungeon with medieval traps and treasure chests made a pleasant change from all the Tetris clone type games that tend to appear on Arcade. It’s not the most original game out there, or even the most original arcade game but it certainly manages to provide many hours of fun if you enjoy this sort of game. It’s not mentally challenging (see something and kill) but sometimes that’s what you need in an arcade game.







6 responses to “Arcadian Warriors”

  1. Kirsten avatar

    Never really considered playing this but I think I will now!

  2. Michael avatar

    Is there splitscreen co-op? I’ve had this game for a while now but haven’t really bothered with it…

  3. Jake avatar

    It’s not splitscreen co-op from what I can remember – you’re just limited by where the other player is. Still jolly good fun though!

  4. Michael avatar

    Ah, Baldur’s Gate stylee elastic band co-op! Cheers for clearing that up Jake.

  5. Kirsten avatar

    “Is there splitscreen co-op?”
    Stop pretending you have real life friends, Ninja :p

  6. Michael avatar

    Ha! I mean I do… ¬_¬

    You see what being offline has reduced me to?

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