As Lorna had spoken before on the issue, Maxis truly know how to keep us wrapped around their fingers. Their massive success in the Sims series claimed many victims into a life of irony. The expansions kept coming and we all bought into it. Sims 2 hit the scene and even though that meant restarting the whole damn thing, we did it anyway! Wave after wave of Sims 2 expansions continue taking our pocket money and now there’s the new danger of Sims 3. Why do we do this to ourselves?! Who knows… I’m afraid I’m just as guilty as the rest. However Maxis have come back to steal our lives sooner than Sims 3, come 5th September and we meet the magnificent Spore!

Finally the endless hours of our pitiful lives spent on the creature creator will bear fruit. Let us continue our god-like roles and see our species rise to glory from tiny specs to the masses of the galaxy! Time to revive our creations, Live!… Live!… LIIIVE! *Mwah ha ha ha!*

Competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winners of our Spore t-shirt giveaway!