Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

First of all I bid you all to download this game! It’s a great choice for the times when you can’t be bothered with games that require a lot of concentration and you just want to sit down and relax. Stick your feet up, boot up your favourite chill-out music and settle in for some easy going gaming. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with purchasing Puzzle Quest!

So I like to submit myself to this guilty pleasure now and again. ‘Cuz you gotta have a break from the rowdy, bantering online TPS and FPS matches (even though they are entertaining). Sometimes I like to just play at my own pace and Puzzle Quest is perfect for that. Okay so the love may be one sided but P.Q has all the patience in the world for me, whether I engage moderately, intensely, or I go off to make a hot chocolate and a stir fry… It will still be there when I come back. No questions, no moaning, the ever forgiving P.Q is more loyal than man’s best friend.

At first when you begin the game you’ll read up every line of the story, the dialogue, quest details, taking time to familiarise yourself with your equipment’s statistics and ever more of the finer details of this fantasy. However, being the person I am, I soon find that the scattered text story pieces don’t really tug my interest. So eventually all reading dies down and it becomes a case of tapping at the X button to skip everything. The addiction to the game alone is enough to lead me on and continue feeding my need for puzzle challenges. Perhaps those more indulgent in RPGs may have better interest in the development of their hero; either a warrior, druid, knight or wizard.

There’s plenty of free choice in terms of story path and how you come to develop the strength and skills of your character. Along the way you’ll meet other figures who may wish to join your journey. Your companions assist your battle as well as play part in the plot.

If you’ve played Connect 4, Tic-Tac-Toe a.k.a Noughts and Crosses you’ll naturally wing your way around with Puzzle Quest. Facing a giant playing space filled with four various coloured gems (red, green, blue and yellow), the rules are simple. All you’ve got to do is swap two adjacent pieces to make a three in a row, BOOM. The pieces explode and you collect what you destroyed into the corresponding coloured mana meter. Filling up the meters help to improve your character’s battle abilities ranging from special attacks, casting spells or status effects as long as you’ve met the required amount to pull off the technique.

Also in the grid you’ve got other things lying around such as experience stars (exploding these goes towards you gaining more experience… well duh!), gold coins (extra earnings), deadly skulls (that little bit of attack force) and wildcards (these appear as blocks with multipliers, in effect throwing these into a row of three explodes the pieces and generates more for your mana meter). Anything you take out, the grid will automatically generate more pieces to fill up the gaps. When there are no moves left in the grid the whole grid is reset, players lose their collected gems and the battle continues until someone loses all their health points. These are the main elements of the battles in Puzzle Quest. There are extra pieces such as anvils and scrolls which work in the same way as the coloured gems. You’ll see them when you’re forging new items, learning skills, capturing enemies and other sub-activities.

It doesn’t take long to come to know the basic strategies of this obsessive re-arrangement game. Occasionally you’ll even encounter moments when you strike lucky and loads of chain reactions follow. Though that can be a laughable joke when you’re playing on-line with your friends. I wouldn’t say that Puzzle Quest requires a massive amount of skill, it’s just down to your patience and how much dedication you put into grinding puzzles to earn the best equipment. Above all P.Q renders you to the mindset of world domination. Rushing your character around to places that indicate something needs doing and soon you’ll be taking on citadels as an easier way to rack up money.

The great thing about Puzzle Quest is that even when you fail miserably in a quest, there is nothing to lose. You can even try again and again until you win. See? An all pleasing game for anyone!







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    And don’t forget the DLC available for it… plenty more things to quest and kill…

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