Battle of Destiny

Following up from our fantastic weekend at the Neo Empire “Battle of Destiny” here is our video of the event.

We’d like to thank everyone involved with the event for all their help, not least the man selling us bottles (crates) of water in the shop!

[flv width=”512″ height=”288″][/flv]

720p Download coming soon!



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12 responses to “Battle of Destiny”

  1. Retro Boy G avatar
    Retro Boy G

    Awesome video! I wish they would recognise the awesomeness that is Hokuto no Ken on Atomiswave. It’s one of the finest games ive ever owned.

  2. Jim Miles avatar
    Jim Miles

    I wondered what the people wearing red at the event were all about; I should have asked you guys!

    Nice video, it was especially fun to spot my friends (and even myself) in the crowd shots.

    Good work.

  3. Kirsten avatar

    You should have come and talked to us! We’re a pretty friendly bunch 🙂 Although the heat did make me a teeny bit grumpy and sleepy and a few other dwarves

  4. Uzi avatar

    Very professionally done video. I liked the more “down with the people” feel of it.

  5. gahrling avatar

    Nice vid.

    Hope to see the RU crew at all our future events..

    Super Vs Battle World 2009 is upon the horizon!


  6. chriscalibur avatar

    It’s all about the street fighters of the world but one thing we must all know the worlds greatest street fighter fights for the empire of arcadia get focused world.

  7. Dave avatar

    Great video, wished I could have been there 🙁

  8. Jay avatar

    Fantastic video again folks – nice to see a couple more of the ready-up faces in there. SF4 really looks good – I’ll certainly be contemplating getting that one when it finally appears.

  9. thiswayup avatar

    Great vid and slick presentation! Good to see some great coverage!

  10. Martin avatar

    Fantastic vid guys, dare I say better than the offering on Live!! But time to get us guys in front of the camera!

  11. *~cristina~* avatar

    this video is great ! =D

    nice work~

  12. Schlobohm avatar

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