There have been a bunch of electricians at my house today, drilling, wiring and all kinds of stuff that I have no clue about. Of course I was extremely polite, making tea, bringing biscuits but frequently harassing the poor guys as to when they thought they might be finished so they could turn my air supply..I mean electricity back on.

If I was a football fan I could go and kick a ball around or watch a football match in a muddy field somewhere. If I had a hobby such as fishing, refurbishing weird and wonderful items or painting I could do all these things with out the need for electricity. If society ever did crumble under the weight of it’s own stupidity and there was no civilization as we know it or power supply even film and music fanatics wouldn’t totally suffer. They’d watch plays, read books and sing along to and play various acoustic instruments.

We gamers are so reliant on power to fuel our passion, without it what would we do? Who would we become? There is nothing that could compare or replace gaming with that requires so little physical effort and delivers such high rewards in return.

Maybe all the climate change and energy crisis news is propaganda, paranoia or plain bull-crap but maybe our combined global usage of PC’s, consoles and HDTV’s are consuming a load of wattage that is none to healthy for the planet. I’m no scientist or geologist or even an eco warrior, so I don’t know. I recycle I don’t drive a Mum Vee and I really try to remember not to leave my Sky box on standby. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe not but if the chance of the loss of gaming is not a good enough reason to go green I don’t know what is. The future answer to energy woes could come from cow poo petrol, solar energy or cold fusion, I’d stick one of those giant windmills on the roof of my house or take a tin bath by the fire every night if it meant I could keep gaming forever.