I wanna get WET

Isn’t it annoying when you hear about a game, a little description, maybe a trailer, news of a kick ass gaming experience that you know you’re going to want and then….nothing!

WET – not yet rated if you care about such things.

Announced back in August 2007, Sierra Entertainment’s WET promises a “Seamless integration of intense gunplay, death-defying acrobatics and exciting swordplay, framed by breathtaking art direction and unparalleled animation quality.” Developed by A2M, WET tells the story of Rubi, an acrobatic gun-for-hire. When she agrees to help a wealthy man find and bring back his wayward son, all hell breaks loose and the tables are turned, as the man who hired her isn’t who he appeared to be. Now Rubi’s on the run, needing to find the man who left her for dead and leaving a massive body count in her wake.

I know that games don’t get finished over night and I know that sometimes unforeseen problems creep up on developers that delay games for whatever reason, it’s just nice to get little snippets of news now and then especially when a game takes your interest and there’s a total lack of information except that which you already know and have known for some time.

Rubi has been hailed as the new Lara Croft, I’d have to disagree, this is nothing to do with many of the Ready Up teams pure and undying love for the Tomb Raiding one, but I can’t help but think that although they have sheer sexiness in common they are clearly different characters. Lara is effortlessly cool and composed, a lady of privilege that’ll extremely politely take you out if you mess with any of the artifacts she’s after. With a sensible ponytail perfect for leaping and diving around without a hair out of place, and Rubi looks, well, like a right nutter, her days filled with plenty of gun blasting and sword slashing before heading home for a dinner possibly comprising of a litre of neat vodka and some creature she just shot. We don’t need a Lara replacement, we need more strong female characters to stand along side her. I am a high hopes type of person which means I get disappointed quite a bit but I’m still going to presumptively place Rubi up on a pretty high pedestal, I suppose I will just have to wait that little bit longer to see what happens next.

[flv width=”480″ height=”272″]http://ready-up.net/blogassets/laura/WET_CG_RP_1200k.flv[/flv]







5 responses to “I wanna get WET”

  1. Kirsten avatar

    The trailer gives me a Firefly vibe because of the music.

  2. Michael avatar

    Hmm, I don’t know about this – I mean, there’s all this stuff about the next Lara Croft, has been for years. There’s been a bunch of contenders like that game Stolen, I think.

    There’s also Kate Wilson in the upcoming Hydrophobia. Unless it’s delayed of course.

  3. Martin avatar

    The new Lara trailer is on the marketplace tomorrow morning, it will give us a chance to compare. But is it fair to compare two games because both lead characters are strong women? This , I think, is where many fail because people say,
    “well it’s not quite Tomb Raider is it?”
    Maybe it was never meant to be.

  4. Shaz avatar

    Finally another lady to step up to the front line! I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. 🙂

  5. h00gb4lls4u avatar

    hey, enuff bout da game alredy, u r 2 hot gurl. no1 makes u wett like me lololololol

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