I’m hooked, they tried to make me go to Xbox Live Rehab but I said “Just one more match!!!”. Unreal Tournament 3 has even coaxed me into playing during the daytime which is something I don’t usually do cause I wont get anything else done. But fuck it I’m being bad and loving it and I don’t care who knows. I’ve never got into playing anything online on PC, the fact that I couldn’t last three seconds without getting slayed sort of put me off, so this is my first Unreal Tournament game. I have even forgiven it for the months and months of PS3 exclusivity cause it’s just so freaking awesome!

I don’t care that the campaign is a bit bunk, this game was made for me. It’s absolutely insane and definitely not for the faint hearted. Even the tiny pistol kicks total ass on this game and the only tip I could give to a noob is “Don’t stand still, not even for a second”.

I have never been one for realistic multiplayers. Cod4 is a beautiful as near perfect wartime combat gaming experience as one can get. I loved the campaign but can’t get into the multiplayer at all. I’m not tactically minded one bit, the only actions I plan are “head for the weapon I most want and start shooting” I don’t want to check my corners, I don’t want to have to strain to see camouflaged opponents, I want to charge around like a crazy person blasting anything that crosses my path and be able to spin round lightning fast and blast a bright red or blue chump in the face for being so cheeky as to shoot me in the back.

I spend enough of my time thinking, I’m recently laid off, got domestics going on and I’m pregnant. I don’t want to play a game that’s gonna involve me using my brain, I want some fast paced mindless carnage to soothe my hormonal moments and to keep me busy so I don’t notice the urge to munch way too many Mars Bars.

Mmmmmmmm Mars Bars.






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  1. Alex avatar

    First off – Damn you for making me think about Mars Bars this early in the morning!! I’m hungry now 😉
    Secondly, i love, love, LOVE UT. I bought it for my PS3 just after it came out and have been totally hooked ever since.
    I’m the same as you when it comes to multiplayers, i far prefer the pace of UT to more realistic shooters.

  2. Nick avatar

    Oh yes this game is awesome. Much more of a faster pace then Halo and much more enjoyable!! Plus there’s the four player co-op that will keep you going for aaaaaggggggggggeeeeeeesssssss. Since I don’t have a PC that can play any up-to-date game, I’ve always missed out every Unreal after the original. But not anymore! Awesome.

  3. Zanveth avatar

    Have this for the PC, although was bought only for the Editor so I can do some level design and such (well attempt to anyway.)

    Am tempted to purchase it for 360 but just don’t know!!!!

  4. City avatar

    Yay daytime gaming, a friend brought me Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars on friday so i know after my birthday im going to get suckered in to getting all the awards and medals and what not!

    Mars bars are awesome!

  5. Dan avatar

    I used to play a ton of UT Classic years ago, still play it at work on our laptops. Got this today and I’m very glad it goes back to it’s original roots. Seems like a really great game. I love the shock rifle.

  6. Emily avatar

    I think UT3 is my favourite mindless, brainless, crazy shooter. It looks stunning as well! Been playing it on my PC for a while and I love it.
    Yet to try the level designer, but it’s on my to-do list!

  7. Martin avatar

    This has been my first foray into Unreal territory, but I’m lovin it. The pace, the guns, the maps……getting my ass whipped!! That sounds bad but you know what i mean.

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