It had to happen sooner or later. Another one of Edinburgh’s dwindling indie game stores closed its doors recently and by my count, we’re down to about two at the most – grim days indeed.

Gamesmasters RIP

So long, old friend :'(

It’s a sad day indeed. Anyone lucky enough to frequent an indie store in their local area may be inclined to agree when I say it’s a completely different shopping experience to Game or Gamestation in terms of different focus, back catalogue, atmosphere and pricing.

In this particular shop, I bought many Mega Drive titles in pristine condition, had very long conversations with the owner about his wares and picked up many bargains that would have cost me an arm and a leg on eBay.

The manager was well in the know when it came to games and he was never snobby with it or eager to get you out the door, unlike some unpleasant experiences I’ve had in larger retail chains.

Thanks to Gamesmasters I managed to track down an elusive copy of House of The Dead 2 with lightgun on Dreamcast, A mint condition copy of Ridge Racer Type 4 and Another World on Mega Drive, which I have never seen in any store before. The guy certainly knew his stuff.

There’s nothing really topical in this post, but it’s crappy to see a perfectly good store run into the ground by an over abundance of bigger chains in the city, so many so, that even they are beginning to under perform. I felt a little send off was in order.

Now I really have to resort to being fleeced online for my retro rarities – ‘sigh’

Does anyone else visiting this page visit indie stores or know of one that is awesome? What makes a good indie store stand out for you?