Here We Go Again!

The latest “Video Games cause violence” comments deemed news-worthy have come from the mouth of Oasis band member Noel Gallagher, apparently he doesn’t just use his mouth to shout songs down a mic or for the intake of cigarettes and alcohol no, he has opinions too. Possibly uninformed second hand opinions as lets face it he is getting on a bit and just because a person has made chart hits in recent years that seem cool to the youngsters doesn’t mean that they are part of the gamer generation or have even picked up a joystick as a kid.

I mean the statement – “People say it’s through violent video game’s and I guess that’s got something to do with it” BBC Newsbeat Fri 4 Jul is a typical old biddy scapegoat type of thing to say and I would say hardly respectable news worth the BBC’s time, yes knifes are bad and some teenagers are crazy but let’s face it none of the members of Oasis have squeaky clean reputations and I personally don’t know anyone who’s into “Sitting up all night smoking super skunk [cannabis], becoming so desensitised to crime because they’re playing these video games” cause the next day they’d just be too knackered and full of crisps to go out stabbing people.

Shtay in shooool Kids *hic*

I mean the BBC themselves have some of the most violent and depressing programmes that are on pretty early in the evenings if you ask me and not to mention the actual news itself with it’s graphic tales of rape, stabbings and murder. We all know these things go on and they have been going on since the dawn of humanity and if I’m completely cynical, violence and wars are what’s made the human race who we are today and many humans seem to think that we are so totally above nature that only some kind of modern technology could possibly corrupt us.

So my message to all the “Games Cause Violence” bandwagon jumpers, find a new scapegoat. Religion isn’t doing the world any favours lately and the music industry is just soft porn. There are plenty of alternatives to blaming bad parenting and as most of those fossils didn’t sit on their arses in front of screens as kids they should be pretty good at using their imagination.







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  1. Emily avatar

    Haha. I agree with everything you’ve said there.

    It’s the games. Not the books. Not the films. Not the programmes; the games!

  2. Zanveth avatar

    Taken from Wikipedia:

    “The success of Oasis and his newfound fame and fortune were not lost on Gallagher, and both he and his brother became famous for their “rock and roll lifestyle”. They drank heavily, abused drugs, fought fans, critics, peers, and each other”

    Perhaps he should look at himself as a potential role model before pointing finger elsewhere.

    Games will always get blamed as they are an easy target compared to other media like books, movies, even the news(which gets pretty graphic at times) mainly because the people pointing fingers like them forms of media, where as games, they don’t and probably will not ever understand.

  3. Alex avatar

    Here here!
    To be entirely honest, his comment just sound stupid and ill-informed.
    While, having said that, arguing the credability of computer games desensitising kids nowadays is a bit of a mute point (i plan to have a scribble about that quite soon) – saying that it is the sole cause of why kids are desensitised is frankly idiotic.
    Of all the things out there that influence kids and turn them “violent” you’d think that the imagery in films and on tv would do it… not a bunch of (albeit realistic looking ;D) pixels! Though lets face it, any youth impressionable enough to have mimiced something from a game would have just found the idea somewhere else if they hadn’t have found it there.
    Argh, it infuriates me how the media portrays this sort of thing!
    I appear to have gone off on a bit of a tangent… oops!
    But the thought that Noel Gallagher said that… the same Noel Gallagher that has been seen all over everywhere doing a whole variety of things he shouldn’t… arghhh!
    I swear it’s too late in the evening for me to be getting this wound up ;D

  4. Dan avatar

    Well he also said Jay Z shouldn’t headline Glastonbury. I like Oasis but I was at Glastonbury in 1995 when they were headliners in place of the Stone Roses. They were pretty shit, apparently Jay Z was awesome.

    You write great songs Noel, just stick to that ok?

  5. Adam avatar

    Tbh the same “controvesy” happened with movies, we just really have to wait it out until all the idiots that think games are the reason knife crime is increasing etc die off. It’s unfortunate but while theres a bunch of idiots who have never played a videogame running the show Im afraid were stuck with them blaming all bad things on what the dont know.

    It sucks but oh well…

  6. Dave avatar

    Was going to write a long comment here, but I get so angry when I hear about this nonsense that it’ll most likely be a rant instead of worthwhile input.

    Scapegoating will always be the tool of people who are under pressure to hold someone to account for something. It has always happened and I think in time, it will shift to another sector. I honestly think it’s a case of waiting it out.

    With a Wii in so many homes..does that make most of our citizens would-be killers or criminals? Of course not…Folk are slowly coming round to this – that’s my hope anyway 😛

  7. Simes avatar

    Funny how so much more weight is given to the words of someone who is, essentially, talking out of their arse, if they’ve had their picture in HELLO! a few times.

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