The Big Bad is Back.

Yes, the king of clickfest isometric-perspective monster slaughter has returned. The big “surprise” announcement at Blizzard’s Worldwide Invitational was the forthcoming release of Diablo III, and I, personally, am pretty gosh-darn excited. I sank a great many hours into Diablo 2, and a great many more hours into it when the Lord of Destruction expansion came out, and then a great many more hours again a few months later when they patched in some interesting changes and myself and a friend stormed through Nightmare mode.

As is typical with Blizzard, there is no release date, but they never announce these things until they’re pretty far along – D3’s apparently been in development for four years already.

So, basically, I’m excited. Are you excited? I am.






5 responses to “The Big Bad is Back.”

  1. Dave avatar

    Most definitely, I also spent a fair whack of my time on Diablo 2 – it’s brilliant! It’s nice to see they’ve retained the top-down style for the new one. Although do you know if you can zoom in or not? I haven’t seen any footage so far.


  2. Michael avatar

    Is this just on PC or what?

    And the big bad, it always comes back.

  3. Simes avatar

    PC and Mac, like all Blizzard titles.

  4. Greeny avatar

    Rumoured release date is March 27th 09.

    And yeah it can zoom in ;).

  5. Alex avatar

    I’m excited! I’m also glad a release date hasn’t officially been made yet.
    I never learn, i get all excited for a release date, then can barely console myself when it’s puched back a few months!

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