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Inspired by xleague’s brilliantly funny “Wes + Larry’s Top 10” and their Top 10 Babe’s episodes, I decided that I’d start having a a go at making a top 10 list of my own that they probably wouldn’t be making.

But – come on girls back me up on this one – while there’s plenty of eye for the guys in games these days when your trying to compile a list of 10 good looking male characters it’s quite a struggle. Searching through the internet found me the most laughable lists including Zelda’s Link, Captain Price from COD 4 and a bunch of celebs from games based on films to make up the numbers.

Lets see, there’s the Devil May Cry boys….I suppose….they’re very pretty aren’t they but I personally prefer my men to look more like…well…men!

You’ve got the Gears of War team for that, muscles galore! But from their faces you can pretty much tell they’ve had hard lives, but then you don’t send male models to battle the Locust hoard now do ya!?

The Preset Commander Shepard from Mass effect wasn’t too bad but as soon as you started to customise your own version he started to look like the creepy dude types who stand too close to you in Tesco’s and peer into your trolley, (possibly to see if you’ve bought a bottle of Chianti I don’t know!) I felt like remarking “back off buddy!” at my TV screen.

On Mass Effect (uber awesome game I might add) I found it hard to “pull” Kaidan the male character for the Paramour Achievement. My customised Fem Shep was smokin’ but he was having none of it. I settled for Liara the neither strictly in our understanding male nor female alien (who was obviously a hot blue alien chick in a tight jumpsuit) an easy lay for Shepard and KER-CHING!! 10 points for me!!

I truly LOVE games the way they are, and I’m not really bothered about any characters appearance. Having more good looking men in games couldn’t hurt maybe it’ll entice more ladies to buy them. It’s more than fun to play as a chainsaw gun wielding soldier or alien ass kicking space commander, and it’s not their looks that matter to the game, it’s the size of their weapon that counts. It’d just be nice for us girls to be able to say, “I totally would”







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  1. Chris avatar

    Hi Laura, nice to see a woman consider male heros instead of it always being blokes letching over Lara Croft lol.

  2. Tony avatar

    Gaming men? As soon as I read that I had “It’s gaming men! Hallelujah! It’s gaming men!” in a Gloria Gaynor kind of way stuck in my head.

  3. Laura avatar

    lol Tony I was hoping people would pick up on that! I’ve had that song stuck in my head since I wrote it though.

  4. City avatar

    I always had a soft spot for Gaz in CoD4, just so very British, brilliant =)

    I think Dante looks like a bit of girl though to be honest 😀

  5. Kirsten avatar

    It’s ages since I took a shine to a guy in a game. They tend to be too girly (Dante) or too grizzled (Marcus) The last guy I thought was sexful was Balthair from FF XII. Sky Pirates ftw!

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