3rd better than 1st?

Shooters – love them or hate them every gamer worth their salt will dabble in them sporadically just to see what is now considered to be the bee’s knees. But recently whilst explaining what sort of games I play to someone I found myself labouring the reasons why I definitely prefer third person shooters to first person shooters, so I did what any self-respecting games journalist would do and asked a variety of people I know their opinions on the matter. The interesting thing is that everyone does have an opinion – I am yet to find one person who gives me a reply that favours neither view.

Dark sector for the side of TPS

Sure with first person it’s more immersive and makes you feel like you are the character but with third I find you get an easier view and more room to see how you can manoeuvre. Third person shooters to me just feel more natural and I find the gameplay easier yet some people claim the more immersive a game is the easier it becomes to control the character.

and Halo for the side of FPS!

It’s a question that will never find a definitive answer but which view is truly better? And how can something so simple make such a difference? Surely the level design, storyline and variety of weapons are all things that a gamer should place high above whether it is an FPS or a TPS yet somehow this issue seems to cause conflict or at least lengthy conversation whenever it is brought up. I know where I stand – Third person shooter for life! OK, not for life, I do still dabble in FPS but you get my point.







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  1. Dave avatar

    Interesting point.

    For my part I’ve biased towards the FPS ever since Doom. For a TPS I think the question of how much of the playing area is visible depends on where the camera is placed…not high enough and the character themselves block the view, too high and you lose a sense of involvement in the game.

    Still, give me a good GPS any day 🙂

  2. James avatar

    Hmmm… A tougie there definetly. Both types of shooters have thier fair share of gems and crap-fests…

    Id have to agree though with Dave, FPS are a bit more better thanks to a mostly easier sense of movment and not some back of a guy blocking the screen.

    However TPS’s are getting back with things like Gears, Lost Planet and Mass Effect. But still FPS

  3. Dave avatar

    Bizarre Creation’s The Club is a fine example of why 3rd person is the lesser favoured format. It’s bloody great but, in terms of targeting precision and ease of play, it has to be FPS for me.

    ..and this is coming from a guy who five years ago wouldn’t set foot near an FPS, now I have a crippling CoD4 online addiction :/

  4. waxc3 avatar

    once the two stick games came out i found i prefer fps. on the N64 i got simulated motion sickness at those golden eyes and perfect darks on that one stick camera.

    halo ce was my first fps and since i have been addicted to any fps game. i just feel better BEING the camera (with a gun 🙂 )

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