Sidekick Syndrome

sidekick-syndrome-blog-luigi.jpgHave you ever noticed Luigi being bullied by Mario & Princess Peach in the Mario Kart Wii opening?

Luigi has always been the shadow of Mario. He’s the less recognised character and too many times have I seen people have trouble recalling his name. Is our taller brother really that under-appreciated?

I wonder how he puts up with his Nintendo brother always taking the credit, beating the baddies and getting the girl. Ghost hunting with a vacuum just doesn’t really settle well for Luigi.

However “Good things comes to those who wait” as the Guinness adverts say. So maybe someday our green plumber will step up to equal fame. Perhaps he’ll find a girl of his own too.

Now I’ll leave you with an awesome flash movie series, “Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom”. There’s four brilliant episodes and thanks to the work of Randy Solem, you can admire the true hero that Luigi is!







4 responses to “Sidekick Syndrome”

  1. Tony avatar

    It does seem amazing that Luigi is considered the lesser of the two brothers, particularly in a game where being taller means you are effectively a lot more powerful!

  2. James avatar

    Forget about Luigi! What about Walugigi…

    Oh wait hes annoying 😛 Lets forget I ever said anything on this subject.

  3. Nick avatar

    I always preferred Luigi! The first Gamecube Game I had was Luigi’s Mansion. It was so much fun and a great laugh to play. We need more Luigi games.

  4. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    On the other side of the coin I always felt a little sorry for Tails as he was even with Sonic every step of the way until he had to sit out the last boss to go and get the plane ready to catch Sonic from falling to his death after blowing up a space station…all for no glory and an occasional not as fun vehicle based level in the 3d Sonic era.

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