Like many out there I’ve been intrigued by the forthcoming Rock Band game, and the thought of not only being able to emulate just our guitar heroes but also sing along with and accompany them on the drums too makes the idea all the sweeter. But this week it has been announced that the U.K. price of Rock Band peripherals will be somewhere around the £130 mark (on top of the price of the main game itself) and that has grated against some hard core fans out there. Don’t even think about looking at the U.S. price comparison…it’s scary, if not just down right depressing.

But then it got me thinking…what was the most expensive game I’ve ever bought? And it hit me straight away – Street Fighter II on the SNES. I just had to have that game…no matter what. So I trekked into London and visited an old haunt on Tottenham Court Road and got the Japanese import cartridge. If memory serves me right I think it was around the £100 mark, probably a bit more. But when I got it home and plugged the cartridge into the console the sheer fun and time I got out of it made the trek into London and the cost all worth it.

Sometimes the temptation is too great to resist…we’ve got to have that game, no matter what. Whether it’s a special edition or just plain vanilla – we has to have it…our precioussss!!!!

And that brings me to my question: what’s the most you’ve ever spent on a game, or at least what was the title of it. Just how much did we really want to get our grubby little mitts on it. Come on – tell us. You know you want to.