Ready Up @ i33 on

Just a quick post to point our readers over to where you can see our video coverage of the Halo 3 Tournament @ i33.

Check it out here.

You can see the matches in full by checking the Halo 3 fileshare for gamertag ‘Ready Up XBL’

Note: The OXM video player is not very Windows Firefox friendly.



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5 responses to “Ready Up @ i33 on”

  1. Zoey avatar

    Good end product – Bring on i34!

  2. Evil Harb avatar
    Evil Harb

    Fantastic video – great camera work and reporting from the girls there. I’m certainly looking forward to i34.

  3. Nick avatar

    If everything goes right for me in the summer I’d love to be able to get to i34 with the rest of you. Fingers crossed!

  4. Shaz avatar

    Good work everybody! Nice quality and great reports. Agreeing with Nick I hope I can make it to i34 too!

  5. Martin avatar

    Good video folks, I’ve linked through my blogspot too. Are we aiming for the Edinburgh International Games convention this year, that’s a bit closer to home for me and I’d love to help cover it. A sickie might be needed but…

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