I’m a compulsive eater. Get me out of here!

Everyone has a gaming snack. It’s that something to “do” while waiting for the screen to load. It passes those invaluable seconds you’d be wasting while staring at the screen, all the time you could be doing something more productive such as delighting in the savoury taste of barbeque flavoured Walkers crisps. As I lay in bed weak with sickness last weekend, I noticed a stark revelation. When I play computer games. I eat WAY too much! And I only eat it while in front of the computer! So as the weekend ends I decided to count the foods I had while sitting at the computer. This was done by placing all wrappers in a cardboard box instead of the usual bin in my gaming room (actually it’s my bedroom). There are people, who don’t understand that gaming is a normal thing, that have the stereotypical view of what a gamer looks like. It isn’t the image of Brad Pitt that comes to mind. With a list like I’m about to give you it’s not surprising.

Here’s what I consumed at the weekend. Bear in mind that this is only while I sat in front of the computer.

A large bag of Lidl brand Doritos.

A bag of mini Lion bars.

6 bags of King brand crisps.

7 bags of Tayto brand crisps.

3 bags of Lidl brand Smokey Bacon crisps.

A two-litre bottle of 7-up.

A large bag of Haribo Jelly Babies.

A large Milka brand chocolate bar.

Now hopefully the majority of gamers don’t share my eating habits (though there are some of you out there!) because I know from looking back at this, something isn’t right. It’s just not healthy to eat this sort of junk food in bulk. I had to fall ill from eating endless rubbish to realise my eating habits. And the source of all this rubbish was while I sat in front of my computer at night while trying to bulk up my gamerscore. So now I’ve began planning a new routine. I follow Shaz’s strict routine of dance mats by day and by night I snack on the bag of pears, which have replaced the cheap crisps and lion bars that held my heart (literally speaking!) dearly. I hope maybe this horror story might make you look at what you’re snacking on during a game and if you have my problem, you might join me in my change of diet! Oh and I’m keeping the 7-up you know, ‘cause it’s nice.







10 responses to “I’m a compulsive eater. Get me out of here!”

  1. Tony avatar

    I virtually never eat anything whilst I’m gaming.

    Of course, during those late night weekend gaming sessions I’ll polish off a fair few cans of lager, and that’s not exactly healthy either!

  2. Zoey avatar

    Fruit juice, mineral water and crumpets. Its the only way to sustain yourself whilst gaming!

  3. Michael avatar

    I don’t eat that much when gaming. What I do have depends on where I am while playing. At home, it might be tea (and it often is) or Club Orange and possibly crisps/sweets. Chocolate M&Ms of course!

    At my brother’s place, tea again. With biscuits. Perhaps even a sandwich or, um, scones… Hmm, I do drink a lot of tea

  4. Tony avatar

    Nick, I just did some quick calculations. If you only include the 7-Up and the crisps (and not even the Doritos at that) – you consumed 3,000 calories. Ouch. That’s a 1.2 days worth of calories for a normal adult male. I dread to think where your total ends up if you include it all.


  5. finian walsh avatar
    finian walsh

    Maybe if you concentrate more on gettn tat game score you could see a difference. eating junk food actually decreases concentration by alot!

  6. Nick avatar

    Yeah I’ve cut out all the rubbish now and have been eating melon and pears. Now I have the glow of a pregnant lady!

    Just without the morning sickness.

  7. Martin avatar

    I find it hard to distract myself from my gaming, the occasional glug of water is ample for me.

  8. Shaz avatar

    I neglect to eat while I’m gaming. All I need is a glass of water really.

    I reckon that old commitment to FF7 made me lose a bit of weight though. It’s important to have a break from games here and then!

  9. Donna avatar

    I’m a terrible snacker when at the computer or consoles. Not just when gaming either. At work I almost always have a packet of Hula Hoops on my desk for munching on.

  10. honest ape avatar

    You started blogging and you didn’t tell me?? What a colossal douche!

    BTW, you forgot to mention the hot mayo sandwiches you eat.

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