Fitness by gaming

fitnessbygaming.jpgLately I rescued a dance mat from the dark ugly corners of my flat. It’s no surprise that straight away I booted up my lovely elite and dived on for some hardcore dancing mania!

I’ve had a passion for the dancing games since first meeting Dance Dance Revolution on the Playstation One back in the late 90’s. At that time my nagging parents had finally accepted my “silly obsession” with video games. The old “video games are a waste of time” lectures have worn off over time as the gaming industry has adopted physical exercise, expanding their market. Aspiring those who want to keep fit in their own homes and bringing fresh gamers to the scene it has resulted with new ideas such as the birth of the eye toy progressing in time with the new age that is the Nintendo Wii.

Now I do like to participate in sports and fitness but it’s quite hard when you consider:

* having to pay a stupid amount of money for the gym

* being too self concious to go for a run in your area

* playing basketball in your garden/street would annoy your neighbours

* treadmills are damn expensive for someone like me!

and so on so forth. So now I’ve got my 360 and my dance mat there shall be no excuses. It’s time to take on a personal project. To make up for the years of moan and groan of weight/health issues. To be able to run farther than just “across the road” without losing my breath. I call it “Project Dance” and this my friends is a regime that I am going to commit to. To prove something to myself as well as back up the idea of the dance mat being a fun alternative way for fitness at home.

Plus I want to complete the Quest mode!







4 responses to “Fitness by gaming”

  1. Tony avatar

    Project Dance? Is the first rule of Project Dance that you do not talk about Project Dance?

    Good luck with that!

  2. Martin avatar

    If only they did dance dance mosh pit, then I may be interested in losing those few extra people I carry around.

  3. Kate avatar

    Let me know if you figure out what the hell that fun club thing is in Quest mode. The second time I encountered it, it was impossible to hit the required score, no matter how many times I danced.

    Dancing like a prat for added calorie burnage FTW!

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