Achieve This!

Xbox 360 Achievements, we’ve all got  an opinion on them.
Love them or hate them, want them or need them they’re a part of every 360 owners gaming experience.

Some say they’ve spoiled the way we play our games, putting too much effort into unlocking achievements instead of just playing the game and enjoying it.
I can imagine these people in a supermarket queue tutting at the 13 yr old behind them who’s spending his birthday money on the latest cartoon game saying “When I was your age, we played games for fun, they took about 20 minutes to load and the only button we had was fire.”

Then of course you have the Score Whores, who’ll play anything for points or maybe just the warm fuzzy feeling they get from the Achievement Unlocked sound.

The most boring experience I ever had on Live was running around Roadhouse on Prey with some dude taking it in turns to kill each other to unlock achievements, I think I gave him five kills before I went rogue and blasted him.

Personally for me, I love them. I like having a score, it’s mine I earned it.
 I like comparing games with friends and other Xbox Livers but most of all I love the fact that it’s a record of all the good times I’ve had on my favourite games. I can remember how I was feeling on my favourite ones and if I worked my butt off to get them or if they were a nice surprise.

I spent hours of my life on Wipeout Fusion on the PS2 a good five or six years ago loving every minute – unlocking every race, map and challenge, I can’t even remember what they were called now….um there were cool weapons and there was a yellow ship wasn’t there?!








3 responses to “Achieve This!”

  1. Jake avatar

    Sometimes it feels weird to go back to “pre-achievement games”… you play for ages, do whatever you need to do but there’s no little plink of recognition for all your hard work. While I do score-whore, I do like achievements that reward you for “outside the box” things – rather than just “You followed the storyline, well done” kinda things…

  2. Dan avatar

    You know what? I read this blog 5 times now and still no 50G plinky! It’s a GLITCH!! Xbox is the suxorz!! :o)

  3. Michael avatar

    I said they’d spoiled some games for me – Guitar Hero III and the knowledge that I’d never achieve anything above Medium without crippling myself. I’ve never complained about 13 year olds buying cartoon games, only when I see gangs of them laying into phone kiosks and stuff… :p

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