Delayed Release

So on February 10th Professor Layton and the Curious Village was due out in all of its glory in both the US and the UK. It was in all the shops bright and early in the US, but I think someone forgot to send the boxes to the UK. For not a single shop had a clue about Professor Layton and his puzzle solving ways or when he would be joining us even.

It’s unfortunate, but this isn’t an isolated scenario. Fine, they need to delay the release to the EU for whatever stupid reason, I get that. But if they’re going to give us a date they could at least stick to it. Especially if the game has already been released in the US. So often the EU is the red headed step child of game releases and it’s just infuriating.

If you know you’re going to release the game in the EU then be prepared for it and don’t screw us around. In situations like this we only end up importing it from the US because we have no clues to when we’ll finally get a release.







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  1. James avatar

    I know! :O I was really looking forward to see that game on the shelves of my local gamestation when I got told it got pushed back.

    I will wait however as ive heard its an amazing game, it IS by Level-5 and I havent seen them slip up on anything gaming-wise yet 😀

  2. Donna avatar

    I imported it and it’s a great game. I’m really enjoying it. I just couldn’t wait for it to release here.

  3. Anto Nick avatar
    Anto Nick

    I find I’m fustrated when this sort of thing happens with the Phoenix Wright (and Apollo) games! I don’t import games as I’m not one for online shopping (living in the past of retail), so I tend to be waiting what seems like forever for Ace Attorney games. Now America have Apollo and I’m still waiting for the third Phoenix Wright installment!

  4. Martin avatar

    This has always puzzled me, the fact that us UK people have to wait for so called “localisation” that is translating games into French, Spanish, German, Italian etc. I speak none of these languages but I do speak the same language as most Americans. so come on publishers treat us like the Americans and release our games at the same time as them.

  5. Donna avatar

    Anto I get a friend to buy the game for me and send it to me and I jsut Pay Pal them the cash. Easier that way.

    Martin what I don’t understand is why they do the languages after the fact. They know they’re going to release it in the EU, so surely it’d be easier to do all the languages at once as they’re finished. I find it to be completely bullshit excuse to release a game late here.


  6. Tony avatar

    To be fair, guys, translating from American does take a long time. I’ve heard that it can take up to 8 weeks to strip a single “u” from the word “colour”.

    The developers would love to go faster, but you know what’s it’s like, it’s all health and safety these days, and apparently a rogue “u” could do untold damage to your console AND your state of mind…

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