Gimme back the wires

I bought my 360 about a year ago. It has been lovely and wonderful. Not a single red circle in sight. Of course instead my wireless adapter refuses to work properly. It  keeps forgetting it’s plugged in and drops my connection after about 15 minutes.

It’s terribly annoying.

Damn thing costs £60 too and the MS site has been wonderfully unhelpful in telling me if they’ll replace it. I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost of the phone call to support to find out if I can get a replacement. I wish I could just run a cable to it, but just to be dfficult my computer room and router are at the opposite end of the house to the living room. This of course is all the house’s fault.

I may just buy a new one, but it won’t be any time soon. Why oh why did the most expensive component I bought for the bloody thing have to break? I’d almost prefer the whole console going tits up instead. At least then there’s a clear procedure for fixing it without it costing me anything.






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  1. Dan avatar

    Have you considered one of those ethernet via power adapters? Run a LAN connection over your mains power wiring. Apparently they are quite swanky.

  2. Donna avatar

    I thought about it but it’s my understanding they don’t work on power bars and the computer room only has 2 plugs in the whole room and we have 2 computers and acccessories running off of them.

    Plus the house is old and thus the wiring is old too. So I don’t know if it would work without blowing the fuses.

  3. Simes avatar

    They will work on extension bars, but they won’t work through junction boxes or surge protectors or any other kind of power conditioning.

    Extension bars might reduce the maximum speed a bit, I couldn’t say. But I can confirm that they definitely do work. Maplin sell units which are also hubs, so if you’re using a hub you could replace it with one and not take up any more power sockets.

  4. Donna avatar

    The hub wouldn’t be an option since we use a wireless router since we have multiple computers in the computer room. But if they work through power bars then that could actually be an option.

  5. Martin avatar

    How about running a phone line extension to where your 360 is and plugging it in the router there, the computers in the computer room would still pick up the wireless signal?

  6. Donna avatar

    The PCs in the computer room aren’t on wireless. I prefer cables to wireless. Also online PC gaming and wireless aren’t very friendly.

    I only use wireless because the consoles use it. I much prefer cables.

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