Well not totally nothing, but as close as I could get. As has always been tradition for myself, I took this week of as it was my birthday on Wednesday. Most of my week has been filled with sleeping in really late and when I was awake I was playing on my xbox 360. I played a bit of The Darkness and Samuri Warriors 2, but most of my time has been taken up by Blue Dragon.

I really don’t like the art in this game. It all reminds me too much of DragonballZ; an art style I never really liked much. Yet I’m now about 30 hours in and terribly addicted. Where the art utterly fails on me, the story and gameplay have totally won me over. There are elements of the game that trigger the Final Fantasy OCD in me. Side quests and item gathering that will take up hours. I tell you, I’m in RPG heaven. The story isn’t anything truly to write home about, but it does mix tech and fantasy in an enjoyable way.

Okay so it’s a Final Fantasy clone really. But it has ticked all of my RPG game boxes and I’m seriously addicted. I have a feeling my MMO playing is going to suffer a bit until I finish this.